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Have a favourite photo you would like to wear? Let us create the artwork for you on Leggings, Straight Skirts and 100% Silk Habotai scarves. Check out our designs and styles.


Using our own Oracle Deck we offer One Question or Full In-Depth readings by email. If you are looking for guidance, we can help.


Turn your precious memories into a painting. Preserve old, worn-out photographs of loved ones or special memories. Check out our pricing and examples.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

I love bringing history back to life, I like to think that it infuses the amazing artistic talents of long ago with the modern creative aspirations of today. Keeping memories of eras and people of yesteryear alive and kicking in some way or another. I understand the appreciation of art is very personal and subjective

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

An image I created a few months ago instantly sprang to mind for this week’s challenge.  It was inspired by a cellist, Vedran Smailović, who in the midst of endless & deadly sniper fire during the 1990’s Siege of Sarajevo, maintained the morale of an entire city. Vedran Smailović played for 22 days, at the

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Artwork by Pennie McCracken

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

In March of this year I decided to create something just a little different with a photo I had taken of the Tower Bridge in London. In a nutshell, I decided to make it more vivid, simply to create an alternative and unusual look. I felt like I was creating its aura. It took eight

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